• Product Name:Gerforg
    Elegant exterior silicon coating.
    Original "Snow White" interior coating.
    Original "black" exterior coating.
    Ceramic interior coating.
    More resistant to thermal shock, scratching and abrasions.
    Eco-friendly and low-impact when it comes to the environment. It offers great savings in energy terms and reduced Co2 emissions during the production cycle.
    Ideal for cooking dishes with a crunchy texture and black colour, all with the minimum use of fats.
    Silicon handles.
    Ergonomic handles in heat-setting material.
    Inductin bottom.
    The packaging is made using recyclable materials.
    Gerforg is state-of-the-art line of technological, designer cookware. Classical forms with a sophisticated style and ergonomic handles designed by COCABA fit perfectly with elegant,black, all in an exclusive cloth package. The range has reinforced ceramic coating that offers an extremely high resistance to scratches and abrasion.