• Product Name:Ceramic OK Black
    Elegant exterior silicon coating
    Original "intensive black" coating on the interior and exterior
    Ceramic interior coating
    More resistant to thermal shock, scratching and abrasions
    Eco-friendly and low-impact when it comes to the environment. It offers great savings in energy terms and reduced Co2 emissions during the production cycle
    Ideal for cooking dishes with a crunchy texture and golden colour, all with the minimum use of fats
    Ergonomic handles in soft-touch material
    Induction bottom
    The packaging is made using recyclable materials
    Ceramic doesn't just mean white: this nanotechnology coating is versatile enough to come in any colour. In the exclusive 100% line, its total black look is amongst the more innovative available on the market and has a perfectly elegant style. Ceramic means that this is an extremely hardwearing range, able to resist scratches and stress from use, as well as being one of the most prestigious, cutting-edge lines available. In black, the special, uniquely smooth ceramic surface is perfect for emphasising the forms of the cookware with its matchless shine.